Best Practices Guide to Teaching and Learning

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Which Educational Activity Are You Creating?

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"Meet the needs of the new generation of learners!"

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BEST PRACTICES GUIDE TO TEACHING AND LEARNING: How to Make Your Educational Content “Rock” a Learner’s World
The Art and Science of Being an Educational Jedi Master
“Teacher? I prefer the term, Educational Jedi Master”

Awesome Teacher,

  • Can you hold your learners’ attention so powerfully that they are interested in more?
  • Do your learners apply your teaching into clinical practice?
  • Do you long to be more riveting than social media?
  • Is your online module the end-all-be-all to behavior change?
  • Did you know that a few minor tweaks can “wow” your audience and impact patient care?

No matter what the educational activity type, this guide can help you be an Educational Jedi Master!

If you have any questions or seek any clarification on these educational concepts, please contact the AAP Committee on CME staff: Deborah Samuel, MBA / Director, Live Education Activities /

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