FAQs - AAP Credit

AAP Credit

  • What is AAP Credit?

    In addition to the AAP-provided CME activities listed on the transcript, members may submit copies of the certificates of participation/completion from other activities, which have been approved for AAP credit. Any organization may apply to have their activity approved for AAP credit (application can be found on CME Finder). If AAP credit is approved for an activity, the provider of the activity may state this on the certificate of participation/completion. AAP members may submit a copy of this certificate to the AAP, and the CME credits will be added to the annual CME transcript. The member should keep the original certificate as proof of AMA PRA Category 1 Creditâ„¢ earned for the activity. AAP credit approval is only given to organizations that apply for the designation of this credit on their CME activities. Individual requests for AAP credit following a CME activity cannot be approved.

    AAP members may apply AAP credits toward the AAP CME/CPD Award (see below).

  • How do I know if an activity is AAP approved?

    AAP approved activities should state so, either in their promotional materials or on the certificate of participation. The statement should indicate the number of AAP credits for which the activity was approved. If you are not sure if an activity is AAP approved, contact the provider of the activity.

  • How can I Learn About AAP CME Opportunities?

    A comprehensive listing of the AAP's CME activities can be found in the CME Finder in PediaLink and www.shopaap.org.

  • I attended an AAP-approved course. How can I get that posted on my transcript?

    AAP-approved courses must contain the text printed below on the certificate:

    This activity is acceptable for a maximum of [number of credits] AAP credits. These credits can be applied toward the AAP CME/CPD Award available to Fellows and Candidate Members of the AAP.

    Please copy this certificate and send it via mail or fax it to 847/434-8387, Attn: Transcripts. Once CME staff verifies the certificate and CME activity, we will then register you for the activity. You can then log into your Pedialink account to record the credits.

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